Letter from CEO

Welcome to tbe Apexoption Community

Dear Valued Customer

I'd like to take this opportunity to share my enthusiasm and excitement about the revolutionary trading and banking enterprise we have embarked on with the foundation of Apexoption.

Over the past few years it has become increasingly apparent that the old ways of doing business in an interconnected financial world are no longer viable. The traditional systems and institutions just don't work anymore. Hundreds of banks, brokerages, and investment houses have suffered from the devaluation of assets and equity. To this day we continue to see bank failures, defaults, and the depreciating value of many of the biggest names in banking of the past 50 years. These same institutions have been held responsible for the current financial crisis that is impacting the global economy and individual investors.

At Apexoption we understand the global slowdown and how it affects the markets. Our senior staff come from the old world of traditional investments. They are all too aware of the limitations of the investment vehicles of the past, particularly, like now, when the bears hold sway. They are passionate about the need for a trading revolution, and now, with a technical team capable of making their vision a reality, Apexoption's new way to trade is taking the financial world by storm.

We are absolutely committed to developing the cutting edge trading tools that will help our clients achieve their financial goals. We are here to cater to the needs of all investors, no matter their level of experience. Our trading platforms are user-friendly, a novice can start trading binary options in under a minute.

Apexoption's award-winning customer service department operates around the clock, and our education tools are evolving on a daily basis. Our global reach, client support and commitment to innovation and education have truly set us apart in the world of binary options trading, I am so pleased you have decided to join us on our journey.



Michael H.Muller