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Apexoption is proud to be at the cutting edge of the binary options trading revolution. We are a privately held investment firm and a World Finance company, founded in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis to enable investors to manage risk and maximize profits in the most secure trading environment possible. Bringing together many years of experience in the financial markets with the most innovative online trading technology, Apexoption helps clients in over 100 countries realize their financial goals. As our client base expands, our core values remains the same: we are committed to providing the simplest, safest and most user-friendly online trading experience. We value all our clients, from small retail investors to VIP account holders, and we guarantee the best possible financial advice and?unparalleled?customer support. Step into the financial future with Apexoption.

We are self-described value investor, but his definition of value investing is somewhat disconcerting to some traditional value investors. Miller believes that any stock can be a value stock if it trades at a discount to its intrinsic value.

We finding the best person or the best organization to invest your money, that's one of the most important financial decisions we'll ever make. We often remind our analysts that 100% of the information we have about a company represents the past, and 100% of a stock's valuation depends on the future.